Jeep Customization in Noblesville, IN

Jeep owners are a particular bunch when it comes to upgrades and customizations. At J & D Machinery Repair, we respect your style and will do what it takes to help you customize your Jeep to your exact specifications. Whether it’s a lift kit and headlight cages or rack lighting with an upgraded fender, our team will provide you with complete customizations of the highest caliber.

  • Custom parts:
    The next time you’re in for Jeep repair in Noblesville, IN, ask us about custom parts and aftermarket upgrades. Sometimes, stock parts just don’t cut it—especially if you’re into off-roading or find yourself on rugged terrain often. Custom parts can be the answer to cutting down on repair costs and preserving the integrity of your Jeep.
  • Lift kits:
    Lift kits can take the burden of rugged terrain off of your suspension and provide you with additional clearance that’s great for all types of environments. Talk to our team about lift kits, leaf springs and anything else your Jeep might need to get it ready for the off-road scene.
  • Fenders:
    Custom fenders can define the look of your Jeep, while also supporting accessories and add-ons, like winches and rack lighting. Let us furnish your vehicle with a new fender befitting to your needs.
  • Accessories:
    We can recommend and install a bounty of accessories on your Jeep, to meet any and all needs you might have. From lighting to winches, cages to safety cabs and beyond—we install it all and can even fabricate solutions specifically for your Jeep.
  • Frame repairs:
    Have the trails and terrain taken a toll on your Jeep? Come to us for jeep frame repair in Noblesville, IN. We’ll take care of any frame damages that exist, restoring your vehicle to its utmost integrity.

Contact J & D Machinery Repair today for more information about our Jeep customization and repair capabilities. We can be reached at 317-770-9410.