General Repairs in Noblesville, IN

Hearing a strange noise coming from under the hood? Problems with your suspension system? Differential acting up? J & D Machinery Repair is ready to tackle any and all of your general auto repair needs, to ensure your vehicle is safe, efficient and reliable. We specialize in engine-related problems, but have the ability to serve virtually any mechanical system of your truck.

Customers come to us for auto motor repairs in Noblesville, IN because of our proven experience with diesel engines and all related components. We’re quick to diagnose general auto issues and even quicker to resolve them, putting you back on the road with the confidence that only comes from experienced ASE techs. Some of the general auto repair services we provide include work on:
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  • Differentials:
    Rattling or shaking in your wheel could be a sign of differential problems. We can identify issues with your differential to determine the right course of action for correcting it. Moreover, we can also identify any catalysts or peripheral problems caused by or contributing to your differential issues.
  • Motor rebuilds:
    If extensive enough, your auto engine repairs in Noblesville, IN could warrant a full rebuild. Fear not! We have a depth of experience in motor rebuilding and take pride in putting in total effort when it comes to restoring your engine to top condition. We’ll disassemble, clean, replace parts, upgrade where necessary and rebuild your engine to perfection.
  • General repairs:
    If it’s mechanical in nature, there’s a good chance we can fix the problem. Our tenured team goes the extra mile to ensure every repair performed at our shop is done to the highest standards.
  • Flywheel Grinding & Surfacing
    When the old clutch is removed, the flywheel should always be carefully inspected to determine its condition. This includes measuring the flatness of the flywheel with a straightedge and feeler gauge, and inspect the surface for cracks, grooving or hard spots (discolored areas that are slightly raised above the surrounding surface). Contact J & D Machinery Repair for more information.

In addition to diesel cars and trucks, we’re also ready to service your RVs, tractors, forklifts, mini campers and more. Contact our shop today by calling 317-770-9410 and we’ll be glad to discuss your vehicle’s condition and help you set up an appointment for service.