Diesel Services in Noblesville, IN

Getting the best performance out of your diesel engine means seeking aftermarket adjustments and upgrades. At J & D Machinery Repair, we’ll take your stock Cummins engine to new levels of efficiency, power and performance with the right upgrades and services. Our goal is for you to leave our shop with an engine that’s performing well-above average.

As Cummins engine experts with familiarity across numerous diesel makes and models, we’re equipped to provide you with upgrades and diesel repair in Noblesville, IN across numerous facets of engine function. Some of the many services we offer include:


  • EGR bleeds:
    Problems with EGR valve function can hinder your vehicle’s performance with lackluster acceleration, problems idling, surging, and more. Let our team perform an EGR bleed to purge your engine of these issues and get it back into perfect working order.
  • Head studs:
    Want to prevent head gasket failure in your turbodiesel? Need enhanced support for your diesel’s performance upgrades? Heavy-duty head studs are the answer. We’ll swap out your stock studs with performance models, to help your engine perform at its best in high-capacity situations.
  • Performance upgrades:
    There’s no limit to the capabilities of diesel services we offer in Noblesville, IN. From air intake kits to engine cooling, clutch kits to pumps and injectors, tuning chips and beyond, we’re your foremost authority on all things performance-enhancing. Let us take your diesel to the next level.

Whether you’re focused on increasing the performance of your engine overall or need routine repairs to keep your engine running at peak performance, J & D Machinery Repair is ready to help. From better fuel economy to better torque and everything in between, we have everything your diesel engine needs for maximum performance.

Contact our experts today by calling 317-770-9410 to consult on the performance of your engine and any upgrades or enhancements you might be interested in.